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CGMP Certification

CGMP Product Certification

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) are the practices developed especially for the manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, cosmetics, foods, beverages, dietary supplements, etc. These practices help organizations meet the guidelines specified by government authorities. A company that receives a GMP certificate shows that they follow strict guidelines to ensure product quality and safety.

Importance of CGMP Certification

CGMP Certification establishes the organization’s involvement in delivering high-quality products to the customers. This globally recognized GMP certificate helps manufacturers bring effective improvement in the manufacturing process, operational environment, and infrastructure facilities. Additionally, a GMP certificate develops the organization’s brand image and helps set a position in the international market place.

Advantages of Acquiring CGMP Certification

CGMP Certification not only enhances the reputation of the organization but also increases its profit and productivity. A GMP certificate also brings the following benefits to the organization:

  • Establishes products’ quality
  • Helps gain new export opportunities
  • Ensures customers satisfaction
  • Promotes brand image
  • Reduces process errors
  • Inspires the manufactures to follow the best practices
  • Brings global recognition

IAS and its Certification Services

Integrated Assessment Services (IAS) offers CGMP Certification in Jordan and has several branches and representatives in various countries like the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and so on. IAS is a famous certification body for auditing and issuing certifications for management systems and products. We also offer various product certifications, such as Kosher, Green, GOST-R, cGMP, HACCP, ROHS, etc. IAS also provides management system certifications on numerous ISO standards.

IAS is the famous training platform for lead auditor and internal auditor training courses as well. We also offer awareness and foundation training on various ISO standards.

IAS guides the organization, manufacturer or supplier throughout the auditing procedure and certification process. We follow simple auditing steps for the better convenience of the auditee(s). The auditing process includes:

  • Completion of application form
  • Evaluation of product and technical documentation
  • Corrections and guidance to implement the requirements
  • Issue of certificate

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