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Kosher Certification

Kosher Certification

What is ‘Kosher’ Certification?

The term Kosher describes the food or drink that comes under the Jewish religious dietary law. Kosher is a Hebrew language word that means fit, proper or correct. Kosher certification is a must for the food as well as for the drink which follows the Jewish dietary law. The kosher foods are prepared by the ingredients that conform to the Jewish dietary regulations. Moreover, kosher products are famous for their safety and purity.

Kosher food falls under three different categories such as Pareve, Meat and Poultry and Dairy products. Pareve foods include fruits, vegetables, hot drinks, and cold drinks. Separate cutleries and equipment used for handling these Pareve foods. In other words, the equipment used for processing other foods should not be used to process the Pareve foods. 

Meat and Poultry include animals such as cows, goats, and sheep and birds such as chicken, turkey, goose, and duck. This category also includes fishes that have easily removable scales and fins.  The third category is Dairy products such as the foods that contain milk products. These milk products must be derived from kosher animals by using Kosher certified utensils and equipment.  

Benefits of Kosher Certification

  • Kosher foods ensure safety and purity
  • Kosher certified food products considered as natural and organic
  • Enhance the market value of your product and boosts sales
  • Creates new business opportunities
  • Brings more customers and increases profit 
  • Reduce waste and improves the quality of food

Kosher Certification by IAS

Integrated Assessment Services (IAS) is a famous organization for issuing product certification as well as process certifications on various ISO standards. It also provides Lead Auditor, Internal Auditor, and Awareness and Foundation training on various Management Systems. 

It provides Kosher certification for qualified products in several countries such as Bangladesh, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Philippines. 

This top searching Kosher certification body issues Kosher certification by evaluating your product. Kosher Certification is a trademark for the products to have free marketability in the European Market. IAS provides kosher Certification by attentively auditing the food products as well as its ingredients. In addition, it provides real-time audit experts to assess the quality of your product. 

IAS follows a simple but effective process and procedure for issuing Kosher product certification.

  • Acceptance of the Kosher Certification application form
  • Identifying the requirements of the applied product 
  • Determining the appropriate requirements of the specified product
  • Conducting an audit on the product
  • Submission of documentation by manufacturer or applicant
  • Evaluation of the technical documents
  • Recommendation or clarification for implementation
  • Issue of Kosher Certification